5 Times Fans Overhyped Doctor Strange 2


When it comes to Marvel, it should come as no surprise that fans often take things a bit too far. Whether it be regarding the plot or the cameos, everyone has an opinion. The studio has been infamously protective of the last two blockbusters, Infinity War and Endgame. Even the actors were allegedly not aware of the entire script in order to avoid spoilers. With the next big instalment on the way, fans again set to work on their theories regarding the multiverse. Now with Doctor Strange 2 out in theatres, let’s look at a few of those theories that were perhaps a bit too far-fetched to be true.

Tom Cruise as Iron Man

Nobody can take over the mantel of Iron Man after Robert Downey Jr., the godfather of Marvel himself. But rumours suggested Tom Cruise would take over the role as a variant of Iron Man with questionable moral character.

Ghost Rider

The Ghost Rider of Nick Cage is one of those movies that lie on the opposite ends of the spectrum. You either love it or you hate it. But it’s rather safe to say that this particular Ghost Rider has gained a massive cult following due to its mystical plot and visually daunting filmography. So, when fans claimed a cameo from Mr Rider himself, riding his bike to the battlefield and facing off against Wanda, it didn’t seem too far-fetched. But as with all rumours too good to be true, this one also failed to deliver.


With the entire plot of the movie revolving around the multiverse, it’s not that surprising to loop in a Fox-verse superhero into the mix. However, considering the already too packed plot of the film, bringing in Wolverine would make it more complicated than necessary. Not to mention, the character would not fit in anywhere in the Doctor Strange 2 subplot.


Perhaps after RDJ, the only actor to truly do justice to a role was Ryan Reynolds himself. On-screen as in real life, Reynolds is infamous for his sharp, snappy, quick wit. However, considering the times Deadpool ends up breaking the fourth wall, it would be a mess to coordinate the script of Multiverse of Madness with the Merc with the Mouth.

Tobey Maguire’s Spiderman

With Sam Raimi at the helm, fans rightfully overhyped this theory of bringing back the beloved veteran Spiderman to the screens. What moreover helped gather ground for this theory was the fact that he, along with Andrew Garfield, did appear in Spiderman: NWH.

Like most fan theories, some of these were probably a bit too implausible. But, all in all, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness has exploded at the box office and the fans are here to stay, with or without Tom Cruise and Nick Cage.