Thursday, September 29, 2022

PUBG Mobile 0.15.0 Patch Notes: Payload Mode, Desert Eagle, Ledge Grab and More

PUBG Mobile will be getting a new update next week. We had reported about version 0.15.0 a few days back and we now have a confirmation that the update is arriving on October 16....

The current state of Dota 2 pubs in the Immortal Bracket

I play atleast 10 games everyday in the Immortal bracket and I have decided to share my thoughts on the current state of pubs in the 5600 – 6000 MMR range matches in the...

What happens to Dota 2 if Valve cancels The International?

Dota 2’s The International is the one big event that keep’s the game’s competitive side together, but what would happen if Valve decides to cancel the event? In the wake of canceling the Dota Pro...

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