How to Bypass TPM 2.0 for installing Windows 11


If you don’t have TPM enabled and you want to bypass TPM 2.0 while installing Windows 11, we have provided just the solution for that. How to Bypass Windows 11 TPM 2.0 error is the question that everyone is asking now. Follow the below given steps to bypass the TPM 2.0 requirement in Windows 11.

  • Install Windows 11 using the ISO file or Windows 11 Insider Program. If your PC does not have TPM 2.0 enabled, it will show an error as shown below.

System Does not have TPM enabled

  • When this error comes up, Press Shift+F10 and a command prompt will be launched. Now type regedit in the command prompt and press enter button to launch the Windows Registry Editor.

  • Now As Windows Registry Editor is opened, go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\Setup  now right-click on the Setup key and then select Nee >Key.
  • Now Prompt will show, Enter LabConfig and press Enter.
  • Now right-click on the LabConfig key and select New > DWORD  (32-bit) value and create a value named BypassTPMCheck, and set data to 1.
  • Next, Create the BypassRAMCheck and BypassSecureBootCheck values and set data to 1. It should look like the image shown below.

  • Now as you have created the three values in the last step, close the registry editor.
  • Now type exit in the command prompt and hit enter.
  • Now click on the back button on the prompt where it says that Your PC can’t run Windows 11.

  • Now you will be taken back to the page where you have to select the version of Windows 11. Press Next and your Windows 11 TPM 2.0 will be bypassed.

Note: Doing so can affect the performance and stability of Windows 11. So do it at your own consciousness.