One of the best ways for businesses and corporations to defend themselves is through Penetration (Pentesting). This article will provide an overview of what Pen Testing is, its benefits, and the most commonly used tools used today.

A Penetration Test (pentesting) is a described set of procedures which are used to discover any unknown weaknesses in the Network Infrastructure of a business or a corporation.

Here are the top tools which are being used by Pen Testing teams worldwide:

  1. The Network Mapper (NMAP)

This tool is used primarily for discovering just about kind of weaknesses or holes in the network environment of a business or a corporation. It can also be used for auditing purposes as well. NMAP can take the raw data packets which have just been created and use that to determine…

  • What hosts are available on a particular network.
  • The information about the services which are being provided by these hosts
  • What operating system is being used by the host (Fingerprinting).

In other words, By using NMAP, you can create a virtual map of the network. This tool can be used at any stage of the pentesting process, and even has built in scripting features available to help automate any testing process. It comes in both the command and GUI (Zenmap) formats. NMAP is a free tool and can be downloaded at this link:

2. Metasploit

It is not just one tool, but rather it is a package of different Penetration Testing tools. It is currently used worldwide by both Cyber security professionals at all levels. It comes with an entire host of built in exploits which can be used to execute any kind of Pen Test, and these are customizable as well.

  • Determine which built in or customized exploit should be used
  • Configure this exploit with both the remote port number and IP address
  • Set which payload should be used
  • Configure the payload with both the local port number and IP address
  • Launch the exploit at the target

Metasploit also comes with “Meterpreter” which displays the results after an exploit has occurred. As a result, this can be quickly analyzed and interpreted by the Pen Tester to the client. Metasploit has been developed on an open source platform, and more information can be found on its website:

3. Wireshark

This tool is an actual network protocol and data packet analyzer which can analyze the Security weaknesses of the traffic in real time. For example, live information and data can be collected from Bluetooth, SSL/TLS, WEP, Kerberos etc.

With this tool, the Pen Tester can apply such features as color coding to delve and investigate deeper network traffic flow, Wireshark is particularly useful in analyzing the Security risks which are inherent when information and data are posted to forms on Web based applications.

Some of these threats include data parameter pollution, SQL injection attacks, and memory buffer overflows. Wireshark can be downloaded for free at


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